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David Brown
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David Brown offers mill drive gearboxes, vertical mill drives, high speed gearboxes, custom drives, center drives, conveyor drives, girth gears, defense transmissions and marine transmissions. Industries include cement, land defense, marine, material handling, metals processing, mining, oil and gas, power generation, rail, rubber and tire, sugar processing and wind. Brands associated with David Brown include David Brown Radicon, DB Gear Systems, Benzlers, Cone Drive, Weco, Clyde Blowers and Textron PT.

David Brown is a United Kingdom-based manufacturing company that started in 1860 as a general pattern maker specializing in the manufacture of patterns for cast gears. The company was acquired by Textron in 1998 and is currently part of a conglomerate owned by Clyde Blowers which includes Benzlers and Cone Drive.

CouplingsDavid Brown Flexible Coupling

David Brown offers a range of Flexible Coupling solutions for integration into gearboxes or for a replacement basis. Nylicon Flexible Gear Couplings are available in 3 sizes and are ideal for small power drives with bore sizes up to 55mm (2.25 in) diameter and a basic rated torque up to 463 Nm (4097 lb.in).


David Brown worm gear drives come in single reduction and double reduction units which feature a high degree of interchangability. David Brown worm gears are also available for washdown environments or can be shaft-mounted. Their heavy duty worm gears are ideal for stirrer and cooling tower environments.David Brown High Speed Gearbox

Mill Drive Gearboxes

David Brown produces mill drive gearboxes weighing more than 250 tons and manufactures open gears up to 14 meters in diameter. Vertical and horizontal mills, kilns, dryers, pelletisers, granulators, pulverisers and crushers around the world all rely on David Brown gears and drive train technology to deliver their production targets. David Brown mill solutions fall into two key application groups: horizontal mills, typically used in coal pulverisation, kiln and cooler drives, and ball mills, as well as larger, high integrity applications such as AG/SAG mills.

Vertical Mill Drives

David Brown Vertical Mill Drive's combine strength, integrity and precision and are perfectly designed for demanding vertical mill crushing David Brown Vertical Mill Driveapplications. The Vertical Mill Drive range runs from 250kW up to 1,600kW, but each solution can be individually tailored to individual customer’s requirements up to 5,000kW if required. The adaptable design of floor mounting positions, shaft size and centre height ensures that the flexibility of design and engineering can fulfill any requirement.

High Speed Gearboxes

High speed gearboxes for critical applications, such as pumps, compressors and generators, require the highest standards of design and engineering and David Brown has the necessary expertise and experience. Advanced high speed gearboxes operating to 50,000 rpm and beyond are supplied to both OEMs and end users within efficient schedules due to the pre-engineering of adaptable units to speed delivery.

Custom DrivesDavid Brown Custom Drives

David Brown is able to draw upon an extensive knowledge base from their long history to combine cutting edge manufacturing techniques, technologies and materials for a faster, more efficient, and more cost effective design and production of custom drives.

Centre Drives

David Brown Centre DriveDavid Brown’s design and engineering capabilities combined with their extensive experience in the cement industry enables them to produce retrofit replacement gearboxes for existing installations that can run trouble free for 30 or more years. David Brown centre drives are designed to minimize downtime in harsh environments and ensure your cement plant keeps on running. The split torque design allows for interchangeable parts and not only minimizes the need for spares holding, but delivers maximum uptime.

Conveyor Drives

David Brown has the manufacturing capabilities to ensure their conveyor drives are effective, reliable and of the highest quality, as well as the expertise and experience in installing, repairing and upgrading heavy duty conveyor drive systems. The case hardened and ground helical gears and hard finished spiral bevel gears featured in their conveyor drives combine to ensure maximum efficiency with high load carrying capacity.

Girth GearsDavid Brown Girth Gears

David Brown 's investment in cutting edge machining and gear cutting technology, as well as the development of new materials used in the manufacturing process, means that they are an industry leader in girth gear production. The result is a radical reduction in lead times and the ability to achieve standards of accuracy to AGMA Level 13 and beyond. Custom-designed multi-axis CNC machinery dedicated to mill gear production, temperature-controlled gear-cutting facilities, automated and optimised design and a unique carburiszing capability alongside induction hardening and tempering furnaces ensure David Brown retains its position at the industry's leading edge.