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Baldor-Reliance Grinders & Buffers

Baldor-Reliance Grinders & Buffers
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Baldor-Reliance-Reliance Grinders and Buffers

Baldor-Reliance-Reliance Grinders
ABB's Baldor-Reliance industrial quality, single and three phase, bench and pedestal grinders are available having wheel diameters of from 6 to 14 inches.  This well-known line also includes diamond wheel and carbide tool grinders and abrasive belt grinders. Some designs of the abrasive belt grinders are supplied with a three position tilt-able belt.  All these grinder products are backed by a three-year warranty.
Baldor-Reliance Buffers

Baldor BufferBaldor-Reliance's industrial buffers range in size of 1/4 horsepower to a husky 7 1/2 horsepower. These buffers are designed for use with soft cloth wheels. Single-phase buffers are designed for 60 Hz operation, while all three-phase buffers are suitable for either 50 Hz or 60 Hz. All buffers are backed by Baldor-Reliance's three-year warranty.

Baldor-Reliance Polishing Lathes

Baldor Polishing LatheABB's Baldor-Reliance’s polishing lathes have features preferred by dentists, dental lab technicians, jewelers, lapidary, and others requiring precise trouble free polishing. The tapered shafts accommodate chucks with standard dental taper. One side of Lathe #380WCT is equipped with the Wells “Super Quick” chuck. The ball bearings in all lathes are lubricated for life and sealed to prevent entry of dust and debris. All polishing lathes have a three-year warranty.

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