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Fenner Drives

Fenner Drives
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Fenner Drives is a worldwide supplier of products for power transmission, motion transfer and conveying applications. The company - a division of Fenner Inc., a leader in reinforced polymer technology - has manufacturing sites in Europe and North America. From light-medium-heavy-duty motion transfer to custom profiles, Fenner Drives has the right endless polyurethane product for your application. Fenner Drives is also the industry leader in composite products for industrial power transmission and material handling applications.

Fenner Drives’ composite V-belts are manufactured from high performance polyurethane elastomers reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric and offer an alternative to more conventional endless rubber V-belts of classical and metric SP wedge cross sections.

The Fenner product range consists of PowerTwist Plus and NuTLink V-Belts for classical section drives and SuperTLink V-Belts for applications using metric wedge SP rated belts. In addition, Fenner Drives’ composite V-belts can help in solving field problems sometimes encountered with conventional rubber V-belts.

Eagle (a Fenner brand) makes Endless Polyurethane Belting and O-Rings and has an extensive line of high quality non-reinforced and reinforced products.

Fenner Drives also carries a large line of Keyless Bushings and Specialty Locking Devices which combine quick and easy installation with the design flexibility and extra heavy duty Fenner Groupcapacity.

If you want to achieve optimum drive performance, correct drive belt or chain tension, you can't go wrong with a self-adjusting T-Max tensioner from Fenner Drives. These products are available in both rotary and linear designs and can eliminate the need for regular manual retensioning of drives.

PowerMax Idler Pulleys and Sprockets offer excellent composite design for long-life even in severe environments. For washdown applications, the high strength glass-reinforced nylon material makes these pulleys and sprockets a good choice.

Fenner Drives offers a wide range of standard profiles for use in guiding belts, chain and cables in industry. Both crowned and flat versions are available for use in guide rail systems.