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Lovejoy is a global leader in Couplings, Power Transmission, Hydraulic Components, and Rubber Suspension Technology.

Lovejoy RRS Jaw CouplingLovejoy Coupling Types

  • Lovejoy Jaw Type Couplings
  • Lovejoy Jaw In-Shear Type Couplings
  • Lovejoy Curved Jaw Couplings
  • Lovejoy S-Flex Couplings
  • Lovejoy Motion Control Couplings
  • Lovejoy Gear Couplings
  • Lovejoy High Performance Gear Couplings
  • Lovejoy Grid Couplings
  • Lovejoy Disc Couplings
  • Lovejoy Torsional Couplings
  • Lovejoy Specialty Products

Lovejoy Universal JointLovejoy Universal Joints

Lovejoy has been manufacturing industrial universal joints for over 50 years. The Lovejoy industrial universal joint product line offers a wide range of standard and specialized products. The shape of the yoke is a special feature which results in exceptionally high strength, yet allows full, free movement of the joint. This accounts for the high horsepower capacity at high speeds.

Lovejoy Variable Speed PulleyLovejoy Variable Speed Drives

Lovejoy variable speed belt drives offer both the versatility needed to maximize application efficiency and productivity as well as an inexpensive solution. In the most typical installation, a belt connects a variable speed pulley to a driven sheave. The pulley is mounted on a motor shaft and the motor is at constant speed. Thus, the speed at the driven shaft is a ratio of the pitch diameters of the pulley and sheave.







Lovejoy 1350 Shaft Locking DeviceLovejoy Shaft Locking Devices

Lovejoy shaft locking devices connect hubs solidly to shafts, using a keyless mechanical interference fit, to transmit torque or to withstand axial thrust. This mechanical interference fit utilizes screw tension in the Shaft Locking Device, converted into radial pressure via an inclined plane. This pressure expands the Shaft Locking Device to eliminate the gap between the hub and the shaft. The Shaft Locking Device uses the friction bond between the Shaft Locking Device and the shaft/hub to create a zero backlash connection. This connection is easily releasable to remove the mechanical interference fit.

Lovejoy Hydraulics

Lovejoy Hydraulics offers a full selection of both vertical and horizontal mounting configuration pump / motor mounts in both SAE and Metric pump flanges, and both NEMA and IEC electric motor mounts. Lovejoy Hydraulics Cast Aluminum Pump / Motor Mounts are cast from a lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy. Lovejoy Hydraulics Pump / Motor Mounts help power unit designers and fabricators simplify their Power Unit designs.