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Maska (a Division of Baldor) is a manufacturer of power transmission components, including bushings & hubs, sheaves, couplings, belts, and synchronous drives in ductile and grey cast iron. Their products line are divided into Standard and Custom.

Bushings and Hubs - All Bushings up to sizes M, and those with a shallow key seat, are manufactured in ductile iron, a stronger material offering numerous advantages. All sizes have a set screw over the keyway to secure the key which is advantageous in vertical applications. Maska Bushings are 100% interchangeable with licensed manufacturer’s products; available in inches & metric sizes; available “Short” for weld-on hubs; Full, not partial split.

Sheaves include, Light Duty (fixed bore, bush type, and fractional fixed bore); Adjustable Pitch (primarily used in HVAC: light duty, 8000 Series, VP Series, and heavy duty adjustable pitch); Classical, Narrow, Step Pulleys & Reducer Bushings.

Synchronous Drives are right for places where regular maintenance is difficult or downtime very expensive:

All parts of Maska Timing Pulleys are completely machined in cast iron; some parts Maska Timing Pulleysmade from steel and have a synchronized no-slip transmission. No lubrication required and the compact design ensures high efficiency, low maintenance, and economical operations.

HTD synchronous belt drives combine the positive timing action of gears with the flexibility, speed and low noise level of belts. Baldor Maska HTD sprockets are manufactured in various sizes, dimensions and capacities to meet industry requirements -- from speeds as low as 10 RPM to speeds over 5,000 RPM and horsepower ratings from fractional to more than 250 HP.

Elastomeric Jaw Type Couplings (Maska Starflex; Maska 4-Flex and Maskaflex) feature high torque capability; easy installation, misalignment capability and no metal-to-metal contact.

Maska Belt product line includes V-Belts; Synchronous Belts, Link V-Belts plus belt accessories like a Belt Tension Meter and Sheave & Belt Gauge.