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Formsprag Clutch
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Formsprag Clutch, together with its sister company Stieber Clutch in Germany, is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of Overrunning Clutches and Backstops for use in numerous Industrial Power Transmission applications including Conveyor & Conveying Equipment, Food Processing Machinery, Gear Reducers, Hoists & Cranes, Mining Machinery, Machine Tools, Paper Converting Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Pumping Equipment, and many other types of Specialty Machinery.

All Formsprag/Stieber clutches are basically overrunning clutches which means they will drive in one direction but overrun (freewheel) in the other direction. Formsprag Clutch and Stieber Clutch offers a wide variety of designs in both Sprag and Ramp & Roller Designs to ensure virtually the ability to meet any application where this function is required.

Indexing Clutches are also offered in a variety of designs to meet the needs of any Formsprag linear bearingsapplication where reciprocating motion applied to the driving race is transformed into intermittent motion in only one direction at the driven race.

Formsprag Clutch also offers Special Design Backstop clutches which can be used, where reverse rotation must be positively prevented. Available in six sizes, the Formsprag RL Clutch is a sprag type no-back which permits transmission of driving torque from input to output shaft in both directions of rotation, but restrains any feedback torque of the driven load from rotating the output shaft in either direction.

Formsprag offers four different sizes of Rollerway linear bearings used for supporting and guiding heavy duty machine elements with low friction. In addition, Formsprag offers an extensive line of standard accessories to assist you in customizing the fit of our clutches into your application.