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Stearns manufactures a comprehensive line of standard and special AC and DC industrial brakes and clutches. With over 90 years of design and manufacturing experience, Stearns has built a solid reputation for quality. Over the years they have added many options and modifications to tailor the product to your specific needs, and currently have numerous factory-available, pre-engineered options to choose from.

Stearns Brake Products feature spring set electrically released brakes for IEC and NEMA frame size motors; brakes for both closed coupled mounting, fan guard mounting and double C-face designs to fit between a motor and gearbox; brakes specifically designed to produce high torque in a compact package for servo motors; ommercial duty brakes for small gearmotor applications; pecialty Brakes for special and unusual applications; and brakes with a variety of enclosure and other options to meet every application need.

Stearns BrakesStearns offers a complete line of packaged clutches, brakes and clutch-brakes to mount to motor sizes 48C through 250TC as well as electrically set clutches for shaft mounting application include clutch couplings and thru-shaft versions for parallel shaft applications. Also heavy duty clutches, both electrically set and sprint set for high torque, low cycle applications.

Included in Stearns Miscellaneous Brake and Clutch Products is a full line of rectifiers for use with AAB style dc brakes; industrial solenoids for specialty applications; adaptor kits to facilitate mounting brakes to larger or smaller NEMA frame motors; and foot mounting kits for mounting brakes somewhere in the power transmission system other than on a motor.

Stearns Switches for Single Phase Motors – SINPAC - are completely electronic to replace the mechanical switch and rotating actuator mechanism in single phase motors. Their universal design will work at 50 Hz and 60Hz and will work on 2, 4 or 6 pole motors - no modifications or changes are required for line voltage variations. SINPAC switches are not susceptible to brown-outs or low voltage conditions and offer transient protection per ANSI / IEEE C62.41-1991 category 3