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Ameridrives Couplines
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Ameridrives Couplings (a Member of the Altra Industrial Motion Group) is a leading international manufacturer of mechanical power transmission products, including a full line of coupling products: gear couplings and spindles, diaphragm couplings, disc couplings and universal joints. Due to the range of their products, Ameridrives Couplings could be your single source for all drive applications.

Amerigear Mill Spindles are used on heavy-duty, high-torque applications requiring rugged strength such as metals rolling mill main drives and similar heavy equipment. The patent pending Advanced Gear Design increases capacities up to 300%.

Ameriflex multiple convoluted diaphragm coupling (introduced in 1971) wasAmeridrives Couplings designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the turbo-machinery industry. Since then, Ameriflex couplings have continued to meet the need for lighter weight and more powerful couplings from rotating equipment users.

Ameridrives® Couplings recently introduced a new high-end, API-671 compliant disc coupling line for power transmission applications. The coupling was developed in the Ameridrives Test Facility using advanced Finite Element Analysis with strain-gage verification. Another recent product introduction by Ameridrives is the Torsiflex-i Disc Coupling which is designed for the process pump and general industrial markets.