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Kop-Flex, a subsidiary of Emerson, is a technological leader in the coupling industry, especially in the area of engineered couplings for high speed or high performance use as well as mill couplings.

Kop-Flex High Performance, engineered coupling products include disc couplings, diaphragm couplings, gear couplings, hybrid couplings, as well as custom designed couplings.

The Torquemeter-Powerlign performance measuring system for couplings is to measure torque deflection on the coupling spacer, which integrates two sets of intermeshed teeth,  with sensors. Simple design and heavy-duty components Kop-Flex Everflexmake this an accurate way to increase safety, reliability, and increase cost savings.

Kop-Flex has lead the field in many recent developments in coupling and spindle technology and its products meet stringent specifications for mill (steel, paper, cement) and other industry applications.

Kop-Flex also offers a range of lubrication products for couplings and spindles that are designed to endure the centrifugal separation caused by a spinning coupling. All Kop-flex greases are lead free as well.