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Lovejoy Couplings

Lovejoy Couplings
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Lovejoy is a global leader in Couplings, Power Transmission, Hydraulic Components, and Rubber Suspension Technology.

Lovejoy Couplings and Power Transmission Products

Lovejoy’s products in its Couplings and Power Transmission line include: Jaw Type Couplings in the industry’s largest variety of stock bore/keyway combinations, including Jaw In-Shear Type Couplings; Gear Couplings; Grid Couplings; Disc Couplings; and Torsional Couplings. Lovejoy also offers Specialty Couplings to meet a wide variety of user needs including Deltaflex (patented all-metal flex-link coupling), Uniflex (flexible triple wound spring design coupling)s, Saga (elastomeric Pre-compression type coupling), and others.

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Lovejoy Hydraulics Products

Lovejoy Hydraulics offers a full selection of both vertical and horizontal mounting configuration pump / motor mounts in both SAE and Metric pump flanges, and both NEMA and IEC electric motor mounts. Lovejoy Hydraulics Cast Aluminum Pump / Motor Mounts are cast from a lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy. Lovejoy Hydraulics Pump / Motor Mounts help power unit designers and fabricators simplify their Power Unit designs.

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Lovejoy ProductsLovejoy ROSTA rubber suspension Oscillating Mounts have a unique design that makes them well suited for guiding and linking a variety of vibrating and screening equipment. The jointed rubber spring assists the amplitudes to be transmitted to the actual oscillating equipment with a directional rotary rocking motion. Lovejoy ROSTA supplies standardized link rods, rocker arms, spring supports and universal joints for all kinds of shaking, conveying and screening machines with positive or freely oscillating drive systems.

Lovejoy ROSTA anti-vibration mountings are designed to accept compression, tension, and shear loading; as well as combined loading. Mounts can be installed in any desired position and are also ideal for ceiling and wall mounting. Due to the mechanically secured principle of the mountings, no tearing is possible. Elements are maintenance free, insensitive to water and dirt, and are suitable for temperatures from -40° to +180°F (-40° to +80°C).