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ABB is a leader in energy efficient electric motors, linear motors and adjustable drives.

ABB Motors

ABB's extensive range of motors - AC, DC, Servo - include high effiency energy conserving models, general purpose, washdown, explosion-proof, and motors designed for duty Baldor Premium Efficiency AC Motorunder severe conditions.

Read more about ABB AC Motors.

Read more about ABB DC Motors.

ABB offers a full line of AC and DC motors from basic analog soft starts to full fledged Vector technology. Characterized by high performance combined with an easy to use interface, controls start at 1/100HP and continue up to 800HP.

ABB Gear Products

ABB Gear Products include AC & DC Gearmotors as well as GBSM-series planetary gearheads. Read more about ABB Gear Products.

Baldor Speed ReducerABB Speed Reducers

ABB's products in this category include Right Angle Speed Reducers, 900 Series speed reducers, and 1000 Series in-line heavy-duty helical gear drives. Read more about ABB Speed Reducers.

ABB Grinders and Buffers

ABB offers three-phase, bench, and pedestal grinders and buffers in a wide range of sizes. Read more about ABB Grinders and Buffers.

Baldor Linear Motor LMPYABB Linear Motors & Stages

ABB is an industry leader in this product area with a wide variety of linear motors, stages and controls. Read more about ABB Linear Motors and Stages.

Power Transmission/Dodge-MASKA

Dodge-Reliance sells Bushings and Hubs and Sheaves and Pulleys under the MASKA name.