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Stearns, a division of Rexnord Industries and a supplier of spring-set electrically-released motor brakes, recently launched a new high torque brake designed to fit the drive system of any type of heavy industry equipment. Used for dynamic stopped, E-stop, and/or holding-only applications, the Series 7EC Electric Caliper brake is spring-set and electrically-released. It features a floating caliper design that goes with a lot of heavy industrial equipment like material handling systems, wind turbines, lock-gate hoists for hydro-electric dams, commercial elevators, industrial lifts, and hillside trams.Stearns Series 7EC Brake

What makes the brake efficient is its ability to adapt to different drive systems due to the fact that the disc can be mounted in several locations, including bolted to a coupling hub or directly to a drive shaft. The Series 7EC brake also incorporates high torque capacity (500 to 5,000 pounds per foot) and high speed capacity (up to 10K surface feet per minute) in its accessible and versatile design. In addition, it features a high thermal capacity which gives it the ability to incorporate gradual stops for high inertia loads - a quality that increases its versatility.

Due to the Series 7EC's electrical operation, the need for hydraulic or pneumatic components is eliminated make it simpler and cleaner to install, with lower maintenance requirements.
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