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Gates Mectrol

Gates Mectrol
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Gates Mectrol's wide product range offers properties which fulfill important industrial needs. These properties include: positional accuracy, exceptional strength, abrasion and chemical resistance, easy and quick customization, and clean and quiet operation.

Gates Mectrol Belts

Tooth Pitch Selction
  • Imperial Pitch Belts - XL, L, H, XH - These classic trapezoidal tooth pitches are the original timing belt tooth design. This tooth pitch is commonly used for conveying applications. The tooth profile is fairly low and has a large surface area at the tip of the tooth providing good support on sliding conveyor surfaces.
  • T Pitch Belts - T2.5, T5, T10, T20 - These metric trapezoidal pitches are similar to imperial pitches, commonly used for conveying applications, yet have a slightly deeper tooth engagement than imperial profiles. The tooth meshing is more reliable. However, backlash can be slightly greater. 
  • AT Pitch Belts - AT5, AT10, AT20 - AT Pitch Belts were developed to enable higher load carrying capacity combined with low backlash. Stronger and stiffer tooth makes these belts ideal for linear positioning and motion control, but may require larger pulley diameters.
  • Gates Mectrol Linear BeltsSTD Pitch Belts - STD5, STD8 - STD Pitch Belts provide superior load distribution, low backlash, and reduced wear and noise characteristics, and have an excellent profile for linear and power transmission applications.
  • HTD® Pitch Belts - HTD5, HTD8, HTD14 - HTD® Pitch Belts feature a rounded tooth pitch that is similar to STD. HTD® Pitch Belts have an excellent profile for rotary linear positioning and power transmission applications, as well as deeper tooth engagement. HTD® may exhibit slight increases in noise and wear.
Gates Mectrol Linear Belts

Linear timing belts provide the greatest degree of flexibility for both synchronous conveying and linear positioning applications. Gates Mectrol manufactures linear timing belts in a variety of tooth pitch, length, and material combinations. This offering provides a wide range of possible configurations for your application. Gates Mectrol Linear Belts are available with the following tooth pitches: imperial, T, AT, and HTD and STD. Gates Mectrol Linear Belts are available in two styles: welded endless and open ended. Welded endless belts are ideal for low torque conveying applications. Open ended belts are typically used for motion control applications.

Gates Mectrol Wide Belts

Gates Mectrol can produce urethane timing belts in widths up to 450 mm. This belt is specifically designed for synchronous conveying applications. Wide belts are primarily used as process conveyor belts. Process (or conversion steps) normally occur on the belt, therefore the conveyed product requires additional width.

Gates Self-Tracking BeltsGates Mectrol Self Tracking Belts

Gates Mectrol self tracking timing belts have all the capabilities of standard urethane timing belts but utilize guides to eliminate any lateral movement. Gates' range of specially designed urethane V guides are notched along belt length to provide optimum flexibility around pulleys. Gates Mectrol produces V-guided belts in two constructions: fabricated where any of four V-guides can be added to any pitch belt in any width, length combination; and integral where the V-guide is integrally molded to specific belt pitches for greater strength and consistency.

Gates Mectrol Food Grade Belts

Gates Mectrol is the design leader for Clean-In-Place food processing belting. Some of their innovations include sealed tension members to eliminate stretch and allow for smaller pulley diameters for better handoffs; PosiLace™ pin fastener for quick joining without tools; PosiWeld™ field welder that uses flat belt weld technology to create a robust weld. These products minimize the potential for bacteria growth and offer time and cost savings in water, wastewater disposal and cleaning labor.

Gates Mectrol Flat Belts

Gates Mectrol produces a full line of high strength, low stretch flat belts for use in lifting and positioning applications. These flat belts are normally sold in open ended lengths and are clamped on each end.

Gates Mectrol Truly Endless Belts

Gates Mectrol Truly Endless BeltsGates Mectrol offers two types of truly endless belts to meet the needs of power transmission and high performance positioning applications that require more strength and stiffness than a welded belt can provide.

  • Flex Belts, in custom lengths 2500 mm (9") to 12500 mm (492"). A unique process provides the flexibility to have custom sized belts without expensive tooling. Flex Belts are produced with steel reinforcing cords and the same tough urethane as Gates Mectrol’s standard linear belts. 
  • Gates Synchro-Power® Cast Belts are available up to 2250 mm. They are produced on fixed molds and have a continuously wound steel or aramid cord. They are available in stock sizes with aramid as well as steel reinforcing cords.
Gates Mectrol Belt Accessories
  • Clamp Plates are often used in motion control applications where one belt end is anchored by means of a clamp plate.
  • Field Welders have a simple design to produce endless belts in the field. 
  • Tension Meters use an optical sensor to determine the belt's natural frequency, and therefore it can be used on belts made of non-ferrous (as well as ferrous) materials.
Gates Mectrol Pulleys

Gates Mectrol manufactures a complementary line of timing pulleys. For the longest belt life and quietest operation, it is recommended that the timing belts and pulleys be single-sourced so that the components are matched.