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Gates PowerGrip Belts

Gates PowerGrip Belts
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Gates has the total synchronous belt drive solution for your demanding applications: Poly Chain® GT® for high performance and life cycle value in high-torque drive applications and PowerGrip® GT®2 for high-speed, high-horsepower drives and applications requiring accurate synchronization.

Gates PowerGrip Belts

Gates PowerGrip® GT®2

Gates PowerGrip® GT®2 belts offer industry leading performance over other rubber synchronous belts, at little additional cost. Features of Gates PowerGrip® GT®2 belts include: high horsepower and torque-carrying capacity; low noise and vibration with narrower drive designs; accurate registration; no maintenance or equipment downtime; long life, excellent abrasion resistance; and energy efficiency.

Gates Power Grip Synchronous BeltingGates PowerGrip® TruMotion®

Gates PowerGrip® TruMotion® is a line of clean running, small pitch belts for contaminant-conscious applications. A unique material construction delivers an aesthetic cream-colored, non-marking belt, with less dusting and noise generation. Gates PowerGrip® TruMotion® belts are clean-running, non-marking belts for contaminant-sensitive applications. Gates PowerGrip® TruMotion® belts are quieter than urethane belts; and are available in all Gates light-duty synchronous pitches (GT®2, HTD®, Timing). Gates PowerGrip® TruMotion® belts are ideal for light power & precision applications (e.g., business machines, medical equipment).

Gates PowerGrip® Twin Power®

Gates PowerGrip® Twin Power® belts have Gates tooth profiles on both sides, providing equal load carrying capacity. Power and synchronization is delivered from two, back-to-back driving surfaces. These belts offer a maintenance-free alternative to gears and roller chains for multi-point and reverse-rotation drives. Ideal for applications requiring synchronization from both sides of the belt, such as data storage, machine tools and industrial equipment. Gates PowerGrip® Twin Power® belts are manufactured with molded Gates tooth profiles (GT®2, HTD®, and Timing) on each side. This feature improves the durability, strength, and life of the belt, as compared with manually etching teeth after the belt is formed. Moreover, power and synchronization are delivered on both sides of the belt. Drive designers gain the flexibility to build multipoint drives, in unique configurations and sizes, which can replace maintenance-intensive gear and roller chain designs. Nylon facing on all tooth surfaces provides equal load carrying capabilities on either side of belt. Gates PowerGrip® Twin Power® belts are quieter than roller chain and gear drives; have no maintenance requirements, labor, messy lubrication, re-tensioning, or equipment downtime. The fiberglass tensile cord provides high strength, excellent flex life, and high resistance to elongation, and the neoprene body provides protection against grime, grease, oil and moisture.

Gates PowerGrip® Long Length

Gates PowerGrip® Long Length synchronous belting is well-suited for linear movement, reversing drives and conveying applications. They offer a cost-effective, maintenance-free alternative to ball screws and power screws. Ideal for long center distances requiring high power transmission and positioning accuracy. Long Length belting is available in PowerGrip GT®2, HTD®, and Timing tooth profiles for applications ranging from small pitch sizes for office machines to large pitch sizes for elevators and conveyors. Gates PowerGrip® Long Length synchronous belting needs no lubrication that can attract dust, dirt, and debris, is clean running for a long service life. Gates PowerGrip® Long Length synchronous belting can replace costly, high-maintenance ball screw drives, allowing design of lower profile drives than ball screws. Replace costly, high-maintenance ball screw drives. Gates PowerGrip® Long Length synchronous belting is available in various sizes, materials and Gates tooth profiles covering a wide range of loads, speeds and applications. This translates into design flexibility through virtually unlimited length of travel and high positional accuracy.

Gates PowerGrip® HTD® and Timing

Gates PowerGrip® HTD® and Timing belts have been some of the most commonly used rubber synchronous belt profiles in the industry. Gates originated the HTD tooth profile, whose curvilinear design delivers greater load capacity than trapezoidal-toothed Timing belts. Gates offers the industry’s greatest range of standard belt lengths and widths. Gates small pitch sizes are ideal for precision positioning and light power applications, such as office machines and robotic equipment. In larger pitch sizes they are cost-effective performers in a wide range of industrial applications, such as agricultural, oil field and HVAC equipment. Gates PowerGrip® HTD® and Timing belts are designed to be industry workhorses with their fiberglass tensile cord providing high strength, excellent flex life, and high resistance to elongation. The neoprene body of Gates PowerGrip® HTD® and Timing belts provides protection against grime, grease, oil and moisture and the nylon tooth facing translates into a durable wear surface for long service life.

Gates PowerGrip®Specialty Belts

Specialty constructions may include additional compounds/materials, strengthening agents, cord types and twists, coloring, durometer variations, and enhanced oil and temperature resistance. Some examples of Gates specialty belts include power grip belts with red Ozex backing provide high coefficient of friction and good wear characteristics for this harsh condition cable-laying application.

Gates PowerGrip Helical Belt
Gates PowerGrip Helical belts are designed to reduce noise. Gates patented teeth are offset at a 5 degree angle from standard. They engage at different times as they enter the sprockets, so the sound waves diminish each other. This helical-tooth-to-sprocket engagement delivers a quieter, smoother running belt. PowerGrip Helical belt drives are less noisy than gear and cable drives in light power and precision applications, such as office equipment.

Gates PowerGrip Hot Oil Belt
Gates PowerGrip Hot Oil belts are designed to transmit power while immersed in a bath of hot oil or other liquid substance. These belts perform efficiently in high temperature environments, such as those found in power lawn mowers, lawn care equipment, and other demanding applications.

Gates PowerGrip Cotton Cleaner Belt
Gates PowerGrip Cotton Cleaner belts are specially designed for use on cotton gin and inclined cleaner machines. The belt’s aramid tensile cord reinforcement delivers high shock load resistance and long belt life, reducing downtime in these heavy-duty equipment applications. Features of Gates PowerGrip Cotton Cleaner belts include long belt life; less downtime, new KEVLAR®* tensile cords for increased shock resistance; and a reduced price.