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Gates Sprockets & Sheaves

Gates Sprockets & Sheaves
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Gates carries a full line of metal products to complement their industrial synchronous belts and V-belts.

Gates Metals for Synchronous Belts

Gates Poly Chain® Sprockets

Gates Poly Chain SprocketsGates Poly Chain® Sprockets are designed for use with Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belts, Poly Chain® GT® 2 belts, and Poly Chain® GT® belts. Gates Poly Chain® Sprockets feature full split in bushing which allows easy installation and removal; precise sprocket design which produces positive, press fit to shaft; smaller, narrower sprockets save shaft space, keep the load closer to bearing and extend life of reducer. Moreover, Poly Chain GT2 Sprockets keep overhung load below manufacturers recommendation and are precision manufactured and static balanced.

Gates Idlers (Tensioners)

Gates Timing BeltIdlers are used to take up extra belt length and provide adjustment for tensioning belt drives. Idler pulleys and sprockets can be valuable belt drive components. Idler pulleys and sprockets can alter belt paths, make the belt clear obstructions, or apply belt pre-tension. Idlers may remain in a fixed location, or may be adjustable to allow belt pre-tensioning and take up. Idlers may be applied to either the inside or backside of belts. Inside idlers may consist of sprockets, pulleys, sheaves, or flat pulleys. Backside idlers are generally flat. Gates specifies minimum recommended idler diameters for each belt type and section.

Gates PowerGrip® Sprockets

Gates PowerGrip® Sprockets come in a variety of models for use with different applications. Use PowerGrip® GT®2 Sprockets with PowerGrip® GT®2 belts, PowerGrip® HTD® Sprockets with PowerGrip® HTD® belts, and PowerGrip® Timing Pulleys with PowerGrip® Timing belts.

Gates SprocketsGates Metals for V-Belts

“V”-shaped grooves specially-designed for various types of V-belts make these sheaves and pulleys perfect for use with Truflex® belts, Super HC® belts and Predator® V-belts.

Gates Light-Duty Sheaves - Pulleys

Gates is a single-source supplier for light-duty belt drive systems to ensure consistent quality. An extensive offering of Gates light duty sheave part numbers is available and in stock. Gates light-duty sheave product line includes bored to size solid, spoke and web-type sheaves; variable pitch one and two-groove sheaves; light-duty bushed sheaves; and h-type bushings in popular bore sizes.

Gates Heavy Duty Sheaves

Gates SheavesGates offers a wide variety of heavy duty sheave products to support different types of applications. Gates heavy duty sheave product line includes: Super HC® Sheaves - QD that are engineered to work with Super HC and Super HC PowerBand® belts; Multi-Duty® Sheaves - QD that are designed to work with Hi-Power II®, Tri-Power®,Dubl-V, Power Curve®, PowerBack® and classical section PowerBand® belts; JVS Adjustable Speed Sheaves Bored-to-Size made for Hi-Power® II A and B, Tri-Power® AX and BX, Super HC® 5V and Super HC® Molded Notched 5VX V-Belts; 5VS & 8VS Adjustable Speed Sheaves – QD designed to work with Super HC® 5V and 8V or Super HC® Molded Notched 5VX and 8VX V-Belts; and SVS Adjustable Speed Sheaves that are bored-to-Size, and designed to work with Hi-Power® II A, B or C and Tri-Power AX, BX, or CX V-Belts.