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Baldor-Reliance Electric Company
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Baldor-Reliance Electric Company is a leader in energy efficient electric motors, linear motors and adjustable drives.

Baldor-Reliance Motors

Baldor-Reliance's extensive range of motors - AC, DC, Servo - include high effiency energy conserving models, general purpose, washdown, explosion-proof, and motors designed for duty Baldor DC Washdown Motorunder severe conditions.

Read more about Baldor-Reliance AC Motors.

Read more about Baldor-Reliance DC Motors.

Baldor Servo GearheadsBaldor-Reliance Gear Products

Baldor-Reliance Gear Products include AC & DC Gearmotors as well as GBSM-series planetary gearheads. Read more about Baldor-Reliance Gear Products.

Baldor-Reliance Speed Reducers

Baldor-Reliance's products in this category include Right Angle Speed Reducers, 900 Series speed reducers, and 1000 Series in-line heavy-duty helical gear drives. Read more about Baldor-Reliance Speed Reducers.


Baldor-Reliance Grinders and Buffers

Baldor-Reliance offers three-phase, bench, and pedestal grinders and buffers in a wide range of sizes. Read more about Baldor-Reliance Grinders and Buffers.

Baldor-Reliance Linear Motors & Stages

Baldor-Reliance is an industry leader in this product area with a wide variety of linear motors, stages and controls. Read more about Baldor-Reliance Linear Motors and Stages.


Baldor-Reliance Power Transmission/MASKA

Baldor-Reliance sells Bushings and Hubs and Sheaves and Pulleys under the MASKA name.