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INA Maintenance Products

INA Maintenance Products
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INA's Maintenance Product range includes an extensive selection of mounting and dismounting products, lubrication products, alignment products, and condition monitoring products.

INA Mounting and Dismounting Products

Our product range comprises tools for the mechanical, hydraulic and thermal mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings. Mechanical tools are used predominantly for smaller bearings. Medium-sized and large rolling bearings are mainly mounted and dismounted using hydraulic or thermal tools. The range is logically rounded off by measurement and inspection devices (such as transport tools and gloves).

INA Special Bearing ExtractorsINA Mechanical Tools
  • INA Mounting Tool Sets
  • INA Socket Wrenches
  • INA Hook and Pin Wrenches
  • INA Mechanical Extractors
  • INA Hydraulic Extractors
  • INA Three-Section Extraction Plates
INA Hydraulic Tools
  • INA Hydraulic Nuts
  • INA Oil Injectors
  • INA Hand Pump Sets
  • INA High Pressure PumpINA High Pressure Pumps
  • INA Hydraulic Units
  • INA Connectors and Accessories
INA Thermal Tools
  • INA Electric Heating Plates
  • INA Heating Rings
  • INA Heat Conducting Paste
  • INA Induction Heating Devices
  • INA Induction Units with Medium Frequency Technology
INA Measuring Equipment
  • INA Taper GaugeINA Feeler Gauges
  • INA Taper Ring Gauges and Taper Gauges
  • INA Snap Gauges
  • INA Enveloping Circle Gauges
INA Accessories
  • INA Transport and Mounting Tool - The transport and mounting tool BEARING-MATE, is an accessory for the easy handling of medium-sized and large rolling bearings. It can also be used in the heating of bearings prior to mounting.
  • INA Glove Pro Gloves and Glove-Pro-Cut Gloves - The heat-resistant gloves are particularly suitable for the handling of heated rolling bearings or other heated components in mounting and dismounting. The gloves are cut-resistant and durable.
  • INA Mounting PasteINA Mounting Paste - The mounting paste, facilitates the sliding of bearing rings and prevents stick/slip effects, scoring, wear and fretting corrosion. It also gives protection against corrosion.
  • INA Anti-Corrosion Oil - This oil gives protection of bearings that have been unpacked. It also gives long term protection against corrosion of bright metallic surfaces, for example on devices and machinery, during storage indoors.

INA Lubrication Products

Rolling bearing greases Arcanol offer the best conditions for achieving reliable, durable and cost-effective bearing arrangements. These greases are designed to give favourable running behaviour of the bearings and thus make an important contribution to preventing premature bearing failure. The Arcanol range is graduated such that almost all areas of application can be covered to an optimum extent. It includes both standard and special greases.

INA Belt Pulley Alignment ToolINA Alignment Products

These products assist in the alignment of shafts and belt pulleys and the checking of belt tension. This reduces wear of bearings and seals, resulting in reduced heat development as well as higher economic efficiency through reduced energy consumption, and increasing machines’ running times and reliability.

  • INA Belt Pulley Alignment Device -FAG Top-Laser SMARTY2 is a line laser for the alignment of belt pulleys and chain sprockets with a diameter larger than 60 mm.
  • INA Belt Tension Measuring Device - The robust, handy FAG Top-Laser TRUMMY2 is an optical-electronic manual measuring instrument belt tension (strand force).
  • INA Shaft Alignment Device -FAG Top-Laser INLINE2, is a PC-based alignment system for coupled shafts in motors, pumps, ventilators and gearboxes with rolling bearings.

INA Condition Monitoring Products

INA Digital hand tachometer FAG TACHOMETERCondition monitoring contributes to achieving high availability and long life of machinery and plant. FAG products help in planning maintenance work and reducing costs. The range includes devices for the alignment of shafts and belt pulleys. Temperature measuring and sonar devices make it possible to check the operating condition. An important element of the range comprises measuring systems that monitor vibration, torque and lubricants.