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Whittet Higgins

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Whittet-Higgins specializes in commercial and precision retaining devices for bearing, power transmission and other machinery and equipment assemblies, including mechanical lock, prevailing torque, locknuts with lockwashers, adapter sets, collars - plain and threaded.

Mechanical LockWhittet Higgins Bearhug Locking Nut

The BEARLOK line of products are adjustable retaining devices with the highest load capacity for holding bearings and other power transmission components on shafts and spindles; they lock from the outboard face for radially inaccessible assemblies.

The SHOELOK are precise adjustable threaded retaining devices for holding bearings and other power transmission components on shafts and spindles where clearance is available radially to secure the locking components.

Other Mechanical Lock products include the Clampnut (split clamping feature) and the TangentLok.

Prevailing Torque

The Bearhug is a super-precise self-locking threaded retaining device available in different materials and configurations such as left-hand threading or ISO metric threads; alloy steel, stainless steel, or all steel.

Precision Series

Whittet-Higgins products in this category include Precision Retaining Nut (also available with left-hand threads; also in a thinner, lighter model for use with extra light ball bearings in computer equipment and instruments. Also available is a Precision Lockwasher for use with the Precision Retaining Nut.

Whittet-Higgins offers Retaining Nut and Lockwasher to meet standards for SAE/AFBMA/ABMA/ANSI/ISO/MIL, as well as for general purpose.

Collars, Adapter Sleeves, Tools and Hardened Tongue Washers

Whittet-Higgins Assembly Sockets

Bearlok Shrink Disk Collar are designed for securing various power transmission components to keyless shafts, for use as critical application shaft stops and in applications where installation access tangent to the shaft in unavailable. Tapered sleeve, retaining nut and lockwasher assemblies to adapt tapered bore bearings to straight shafts or spindles which need not be turned or ground to tight tolerances.

Bearing Assembly Sockets to fit over retaining nuts with spanner slots in order to allow tightening from the end of shafts or spindles, and/or to allow use of torque measuring instruments when assembling bearing retaining devices.