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Lovejoy Hydraulic Pump/Motor Mounts ("Bellhousings")

Lovejoy Hydraulic Pump/Motor Mounts ("Bellhousings")
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Lovejoy offers a full selection of vertical and horizontal mounting configurations, from 56 to 404 NEMA motor frame sizes (75 hp). Both SAE and metric pump flanges as well as NEMA and IEC electric motor mounts are also available from Lovejoy. Lovejoy Hydraulic Pump/Motor Mounts are cast from lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy. Lovejoy Hydraulic Pump/Motor Mounts feature are easy to assemble which reduces fabrication costs and helps assure proper coupling alignment for quiet, trouble-free operation. Lovejoy Hydraulics offers a full selection of both vertical and horizontal mounting configuration pump / motor mounts in both SAE and Metric pump flanges, and both NEMA and IEC electric motor mounts. These pump/motor mounts are available from stock and can be shipped immediately.

Lovejoy Hydraulics Pump / Motor Mounts help power unit designers and fabricators simplify their Power Unit designs. The Pump / Motor Mount, commonly called the “Bell Housing”, allows direct mounting of flange mount pumps to NEMA “C-Face electric motors. This eliminates the need for coupling guards, foot brackets, shims, risers, and motor mounting plates, and assures accurate shaft alignment.

The ease of assembly of Hydraulic Pump/Motor Mounts reduces power unit fabrication costs. Lovejoy precision machines each cast aluminum alloy pump/motor mounts to 0.003 inch concentric from the motor pilot to the pump pilot, and the mounting faces parallel to each other and perpendicular to the pilot Centerline within 0.002 inch. This assures accurate shaft alignment, which prolongs bearing, seal and coupling life. This also helps to reduce noise and vibration in the power unit.

Lovejoy Hydraulic Pump/Motor MountsLovejoy Hydraulics Cast Aluminum Pump / Motor Mounts are cast from a lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy. For safety, a molded OSHA orange coupling access cover is included for mounts larger than the 56C motor frame size.