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Baldor-Reliance Motors

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Baldor-Reliance Electric Motors are designed for the highest levels of performance and durability in all environments. Motors are available as Single Phase; Three Phase General Duty; Brakemotors; Washdown Duty; Automotive Duty; Vertical Motors; and Inverter Duty. Superior energy saving design means reduced operating cost, and added value over the life cycle of the motor.

As energy-efficiency becomes a number one priority world-wide, more companies are turning to the Baldor•Reliance Super-E; including plant and processing applications and OEM products for shipment overseas. Super-E motors exceed the efficiency levels defined by EPAct in the U.S., NRC in Canada, and CEMEP EFF1 in Europe. Super-E motors
meet or exceed NEMA Premium® efficiencies.

With its broad selection of premium efficient motors, available from stock, and its Reliance Electric Motorslong-standing commitment to quality, Baldor-Reliance is widely seen as a global leader in the field of energy-efficient motors and drives.

Standard efficiency Severe Duty motors are designed for general processing industry applications requiring protection from severe environmental operating conditions. In applications where the motor works continually and energy efficiency is a consideration, Baldor-Reliance Super-E® Severe Duty motors are available in TEFC ratings from 1 through 2250 Hp. Cast iron construction, epoxy primer inside and out, and gaskets on all joints are some of the features of Baldor’s
Severe Duty motors.

Baldor-Reliance relies on more than 40 years of field experience in the hermetic industry to develop compact, power-dense, refrigerantcooled motors offering prolonged life and reduced equipment size compared with aircooled motors of the same output rating.

Baldor-Reliance DC Motors, whether General Purpose, Severe Duty, Washdown Duty, IEC, or Explosion Proof, are designed and manufactured for excellent performance and durability in variable-speed motor applications.

Baldor-Reliance DC Motor Accessories and Kits can help with troubleshooting and maintainence of your motors. From a brush monitoring system, to maintenance kits that are packaged with genuine Reliance replacements parts, these accessories will reduce maintenance and maximize the life of your motors.

Baldor-Reliance Legacy AC and DC Industrial Drives include many flexible, reliable, and affordable products.