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Boston Gear Pneumatics

Boston Gear Pneumatics
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Boston Gear offers a wide range of pneumatic products to meet the needs of today's factories that now require a combination of mechanical power transmission and compressed air systems for their manufacturing processe. From the simple blow gun or recoiling hose used to remove metal chips from a machining operation to the more complex cylinders, control valves, and switches used to move product through the assembly process automatically, Boston Gear has what you need.

Boston Gear offers a broad selection of pneumatic products, including;Boston Gear Pneumatics Products

  • Air-preparation components (FRLs)
  • Air-control valves
  • Disposable and NFPA cylinders
  • Air motors
  • Accessories
  • Flow-control valves
  • Mufflers and breather vents
  • Recoiling hose
  • Push-in fittings
  • Blow guns
  • Quick-disconnect fittings

Boston Gear also offer an excellent line of hydraulic products, including:

  • NFPA cylinders
  • Accessories
  • Shut-off valves
  • Flow-control valves

All of Boston Gear's pneumatic products are designed for trouble-free performance no matter how demanding the application.

Air Preparation ComponentsBoston Gear Air Preparation Components FRLS

Boston Gear's 11 lines of (FRLs) air-preparation products, including air filters, oil removal filters, regulators, lubricators, and pressure gauges, among others, are used to clean and condition the air in a pneumatic system. Commonly referred to as a FRLs (Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator), they are designed to clean the air of solid water particles and dirt, regulate air pressure, and provide oil lubrication to the downstream components. All are available as individual components or as assembled combination units.

NFPA CylindersBoston Gear NFPA Cylinders

Boston Gear offers a complete range of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders with a bore-diameter range of 7/16" to 8". Because the E25 series of disposable cylinders are dimensionally interchangeable with the market leaders, and the A21, BE10, BE11, and BJ11series are manufactured to NFPA/JIC standard-mounting dimensions, our cylinders can replace any cylinder manufactured to those specifications. Our disposable cylinders have been designed using materials specifically selected for optimum performance and service life. Each component is precision machined, assembled, and tested to exacting quality standards using state-of-the-art equipment and cylinder technology.

Control ValvesBoston Gear Control Valves

Boston Gear's EK series of control valves are primarily used to control the operating direction of pneumatic cylinders and air motors. The use of a two- or three-position, four-way valve allows a double-acting cylinder to extend or retract upon the actuation of the valve operators. A three-way valve is primarily used to activate a single-acting cylinder. The EK Series of valves is available with a wide range of solenoid, mechanical, and air powered operators.

Air MotorsBoston Gear Air Motor

Boston Gear air motors are ideal for applications where electric and hydraulic motors can not be used. They are compact, lightweight sources of smooth, vibration-free power. They stop and start almost instantly. They provide variable torque and speed without the use of complicated controls and can operate in hot, corrosive, and wet environments without damage. They are unaffected by continuous stalling or overloads. They are instantly reversible and explosion-proof, and are all supplied with a NEMAC-face for use with our speed reducers.

AccessoriesBoston Gear Pneumatic Accessories

Boston Gear offers a variety of pneumatic accessories for use in compressed air systems. Included are:

  • Blow guns for use in chip and parts cleaning.
  • Recoiling hoses for use with air tools.
  • Flow control, needle, and check valves to control the rate and direction of flow.
  • Quick disconnect couplings which allow the air supply to be disconnected from your machine without shutting the system down.
  • Mufflers and breather vents to quiet exhausting air and keep dirt out of pneumatic components.