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SKF Mechatronics

SKF Mechatronics
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Mechatronics is the science of bringing together mechanics and electronics into exciting new solutions. It is a rapidly advancing area that provides dramatic opportunity to solve old problems in a clever and environmentally friendly way. SKF has more than 400 engineers dedicated to this area.

By being at the forefront of this technology for many years, SKF has developed unique application knowledge in hardware and software. In combining actuators, bearings, sealing, lubrication, sensors and electronics competences, we have been able to develop a number of standard and customized solutions. SKF offers a wide
assortment of mechatronic products.

SKF Mechatronics ProductsSKF Mechatronics Linear Motion

Joining the technological know-how of different kinds of linear motion products SKF can provide complete solutions for positioning.

Actuation systems:

SKF Linear actuators are available in a wide variety of  types; different designs and configurations are available for industrial or specific health care applications, from high load capacities and high operating speeds to quiet and aesthetically designed systems.

  • SKF Linear Actuator - CAHB SeriesCAHB Series — Designed to operate in temperatures from -40 to 85 °C at a 25% duty cycle, SKF electromechanical actuator CAHB family features robust metal gears and corrosion-resistant housings. Available in two series - CAHB-20/21, for medium- and heavy-load applications, and CAHB-10, a compact solution for low-load applications - SKF electromechanical actuators are virtually maintenance-free, self-locking IP 66-rated units. Additional design options are available.
  • CALA 36A — CALA 36 is a compact 12 or 24V DC actuator, intended for industrial use. The motor and drive spindle are connected in-line through a planetary gear assembly. This makes the compact design suitable in applications where space is restricted.
  • CAP Series — The base for CAP positioning actuator series is the existing CAR linear actuator series and CAT Modular Range with a vast number of possibilities such as motors, front & rear attachments etc. Positioning accuracy and service life is ensured by detecting the position directly on the moving nut and by keeping the moving parts to a minimum.
  • SKF Linear Actuator CAR SeriesCAR Series — The CAR range of industrial type actuators offers a unique standard of performance, durability, and reliability. The compact design incorporates well proven parts, like the SKF high efficiency ball screw, a sturdy gearbox assembly and high quality DC and AC motors. All to give the best performance possible with extensive operational life. Individual application requirements can easily be matched thanks to the modular design concept.
  • CARE 33 — Efficient design provides the CARE 33 actuators with a high dynamic load capacity, silent operation and low current consumption. The safety features of the design make it particularly suitable for solving a large number of positioning needs in equipment for ergonomic and/or industrial applications. The gearbox floats so that the load path passes directly through a support bearing located in the rear attachment. This design offers a long operational life and minimised the transmitted noise level.
  • CAT Series — The CAT modular design concept makes it easy to interchange critical components such as motors, gears, screws, attachments, etc. Custom-built actuators are easily and cost efficiently built from standard parts. The CAT range flexibility makes it suitable for an infinite number of applications.
  • SKF Linear Actuator Ecomag SeriesEcomag Series — The Ecomag series are compact; cost effective; feature silent operation and the control unit can be mounted to the actuator.
  • FD Series — The FD Series actuators are cost effective; feature hall effect sensors for feedback; built-in limit switches (factory pre-set); a rear clevis that can be turned to 90°; and UL 1004 certification.
  • Magdrive — The Magdrive series are compact; cost effective; feature silent operation; and have a control unit that can be mounted to the actuator.
  • Magforce Serices — The Magforce line consists of spindle lifting actuators with worm gears. They fulfil the highest demands for industrial and other applications. The actuators are available in several different motor versions. Magforce offers strong, fast and quiet movements with high safety and duty cycle. The actuators include many interface options as hall encoder, end-switch, extended shaft etc.
  • SKF Linear Actuator Matrix SeriesMatrix Series — The Matrix series includes powerful AC and DC actuators. They run very quietly, take up little space and can be installed at virtually every angle in vertical or horizontal position.
  • Runner Series — The Runner is a very compact, high performance actuator combining maximum load and maximum speed. The system includes a single fault safe control unit for up to 3 actuators as well as corresponding accessories.
  • SJ Series — The SJ Series features a motor with thermal protection; acme screw; self-locking; integrated limit switches; metal gear box; potentiometer for feedback and UL 1004/UL 60601-1 certification
Telescopic pillars

SKF actuation systems offer a wide range of telescopic pillars. Quiet, robust, powerful or with an attractive design, the SKF telescopic pillars can satisfy your most demanding requirements.

  • CAWA — Compact; lubricated for service life; high operating reliability; selection of front attachments; powerful.
  • SKF Telescopic PillarsCPI — Push or pull load; fast movement; robust and sable design; t-slotted outer tube.
  • FRE — Attractive design; stable; universal use.
  • TFG — Push or pull load; compact design; fast movement; powewrful; plug and play.
  • TGC — Push or pull load; compact design; quiet; robust; plug and play.
  • THC — Push or pull load; quiet; powerful; robust; plug and play.
  • THG — Compact design; robust.
  • TLG — High bending load; powerful.
  • TLT — Very small built-in dimension; powerful.
  • TMA — The TMA telescopic pillar offers an attractive design for height adjustable desks, tables, chairs and lightweight industrial workstations. Very stylish and ideal for office environment, the TMA can be controlled by using desk, hand or foot switches.
  • TMD —The TMD is very stylish and ideal for office environment. The pillar can be controlled by using desk, hand or foot switches.
  • TMS — The TMS is a strong telescopic pillar with an optimal stroke / retracted length ratio for the lift of heavy eccentric loads. The TMS is fast, silent and able to lift 400 kg centric load or 150 kg eccentric load in a 2 m distance away from the pillar.
  • TXG — This TXG telescopic pillar offers an attractive design for height adjustable desks, tables, chairs and lightweight industrial workstations. The TXG series has an integrated control unit and combines the advantages of AC and DC power.
SKF Rotary SystemsRotary actuators

SKF rotary actuators are designed to provide rotary motion. Fast or slow. Heavy or light duty. Complex or simple arrangements. You can chose from a wide variety of application areas. You will find a solution with both technical and economic advantages. Since the gearing is produced in one stage, through the use of a ball screw, you can also rely on a high degree of efficiency. Select the zero-backlash versions for maximum precision.

  • CRAB 05 — Multiple output shafts; multiple motor options; small and compact.
  • CRAB 17 — Multiple output shafts; multiple motor options; small and compact.
Engineered actuation systems
  • SKF Compact Electromechanical cylinderModular electromechanical cylinders — SKF cylinders using SKF planetary roller screws are expanding the limits of linear cylinders. They are designed for long life, high acceleration and high force applications.
  • Compact electromechanical cylinders — This product range provides high power density in a small package. Whatever the requirements, CEMC cylinders provide a compact and dynamic solution, maximum performance and value through high availability, productivity and consequent low costs through the life of the product.
  • Electronic parking system — The electronic cable puller actuator is a compact and smart solution developed to provide a robust parking brake function on the tractor, stopping it when neutral is selected on the transmission and to help the driver start up and stop on a hill.
  • Electronic steering input unit — The SKF Electronic Steering Input Unit was developed and tested to fulfill severe requirements in marine and off-highway sectors. These units present several benefits over traditional hydraulically-based steering systems such as ease of installation and enhanced operator comfort, ergonomics, and safety.
Control units

A large number of control units are available to operate the linear actuators and telescopic pillars. They allow the connection of up to 6 acutotrs or several external options. There is also a version to operate battery powered DC actuators.

  • SKF MCU Control UnitSCU — Compact 6-channel actuator control unit; single fault safety; overload and over-temperature protection; approved for medical applications; easy to clean; low standby current; remote control RS232.
  • VCU — Compact 5-channel actuator control unit; single fault safety; overload and over-temperature protection; approved for medical applications; easy to clean; low standby current.
  • BCU — Compact 3-channel actuator control unit; single fault safety; overload and over-temperature protection; approved for medical applications; easy to clean; low standby current.
  • MCU — Suitable for mobile applications; LED indication for battery charge leel; Audible for low charge condition.
  • LD series — Synchronized movement of up to 4 actuators possible; drive comfort; Intelligent System Protection (ISP) – anti-pinching.
  • CAED ANR — Compact potentiometer control unit; electronic overload protection; LED indication for overload cut out; easy installation via front screw terminal.
  • CAED — Compact On/Off control unit; supply voltage 24 V DC; output voltage 24 V DC; Electronic overload protection; LED indication for overload cut out; Easy installation via front screw terminal.
  • CAEV — Reliable pc board for single phase AC motors; can be used with both 120 V AC or 230 V AC; low voltage signal through cable handset; built-in option for limit switches; Built-in option for thermal protection; easy installation via front screw terminals; compact design.
Operating Switches

SKF Actuation System offers different operating switches to accurately position your equipment.

  • Desk Switches — The desk switches serve for adjusting actuators in desks, chairs, couches and other adjustable furniture. They allow to operate up to 3 actuator functions and can easily be fitted to furniture without compromising the design.
  • Foot Switches — With the electrical foot switches, direct current actuators can be operated. The large-size buttons enable an easy and precise control of the actuators. Depending on the plug the foot switches can be used on different control units.
  • Hand Switches — The hand switches serve for operating one or several actuators. With the push buttons filed on the front panel, the movements of the actuators can be controlled easily and precisely. There is also an infra-red version for more flexibility in remote operation.
  • Ball and roller screws — The high efficiency screws afford the opportunity to displace loads by transforming rotary action into linear motion. The high efficiency screws have rolling elements, balls or rollers, between the nut and the screw shaft.
SKF Ball ScrewsBall Screws

SKF ball screw assemblies are high-quality products, suitable for a wide range of applications where precision driving systems are needed.

  • DIN Nuts — SKF produces ball screws nuts according DIN standard 69051.
  • NUT with round flange — SKF produces ball screws nuts with round flange.
  • NUT with threaded attachment — SKF produces ball screws nuts with threaded attachment for easy mounting. 
  • Long lead nut — SKF produces long lead ball screws nuts with round flange attachment for high linear speed.
  • Customized design — SKF study and develop customized solutions for dedicated applications, please don't hesitate to ask us
  • Flanges & Bearings unit — SKF has developed accessories to help customers in building theirs systems.
SKF Ball and Roller ScrewsRoller Screws

In roller screws, the load is transmitted from the nut to the shaft through the barrelled surfaces of all the engaged rollers. The diameter of the contact surface is substantially increased as is the number of points of contact.

  • Planetary roller screws — The planetary roller screws first developments and industrialization were done by SKF since 1949.
  • Small lead roller screws — The recirculating roller screws are an alternative to planetary roller screws for small lead and high resolution applications requiring a high load capacity.
  • Ultra power roller screws — Ultra power roller screws have been developped since 2000 for heavy duty applications.
  • Customized design — SKF study and develop customized solutions for dedicated applications, please don't hesitate to ask us.
  • Bearing units — Due to high load performances of SKF roller screws, we have developed specific end bearings solution, the flange bearing unit FLRBU.
Compact inverted roller screws

SKF compact inverted Roller Screws present the technological advantages of planetary roller screws, combined with extra compactness and high carrying capacity associated with smaller leads.

Rotating nut solutions

Ball screw: the nut rotates inside bearings and moves along the fixed long lead screw shaft. The drive motor moves with the nut, so inertia problems, associated with a long rotating shaft, are minimised. This is why a counter-rotation system is necessary at the end of the screw shaft.

  • Ball Screws
  • Roller Screws
Bearing units

End bearings are available for our ball and roller screws in different versions: Axially locating flanged housing with SKF angular contact ball bearings (back to back arrangement); FLBU (for ball screws); FLRBU (for roller screws/ball screws); Fixed Plummer Housing (PLBU) for ball screws; Axially Free Plummer (for ball screws) BUF. 

SKF Linear Ball BearingsGuidance and systems

To provide the best performance for all your needs in guiding, our range is composed of these main products:

Linear Ball Bearings — SKF manufactures linear ball bearings according to DIN ISO 1 and 3. The wide product range includes plain bearings, housings, shafts and additional accessories.

Profile Rail Guides — SKF profile rail guides are accuracy rolling bearings for linear movement, offering a virtually unlimited stroke. All profile rail guides from SKF use modular components — each rail, carriage and/or accessory of the same size can be combined with each other, thus offering easy adaptation to different application demands. SKF offers 4 different types of profile rail guides:

  • Profile rail guides with X-arrangement — The newly launched profile rail guide series LLT features four rows of balls in an X-arrangement. This design provides an equal load carrying capacity in all four main load directions and therefore greater design flexibility since all mounting positions are possible. Moreover, deviations in parallelism and height, which usually occur in multi-axis systems, can be compensated for more efficiently, resulting in reliable and smooth operations under a variety of operating conditions.
  • Profile rail guides with O-arrangement — Ball profile rail guides LLR feature an O-arrangement resulting in a high load-carrying capacity and absorption of high moment loads.
  • Miniature profile rail guides — In response to the market trend for increased performance within a minimum of mounting space, SKF provides a product range by a miniature profile rail guide.
  • Light weight cam-roller guides — Cam-roller guides consist of a rail and carriages with rollers inside. They provide a lightweight construction and ease of installation.
SKF Precision Rail GuidePrecision Rail Guides

Precision rail guides have a very high load-carrying capacity and rigidity, offer high precision and require less space than other linear guidance components. Read more about the unique features of SKF precision rail guides, like the modular range principle or the anti cage-creep solution ACSM.

SKF Positioning Systems and Slides

Positioning systems are compact and economical solutions for guided and driven applications. The product assortment ranges from compact, non-driven slides to highly dynamic, multi-axis systems with linear motor drive. Systems may also be designed to meet special requirements.

  • SKF Positioning SystemsNon-driven positioning systems and slides
  • Miniature slides
  • Precision rail guide slides
  • Precision rail guide slides with sliding screw
  • Compact cross tables
  • Linear ball beaing slides
  • Dovetail slides
  • Motor-driven slides and positioning systems
  • Linear ball bearing tables
  • Profile railguide tables with ball screw
  • Profile railguide tables with linear motor drive
  • Precision railguide tables

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