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Timken High Performance Bearings

Timken High Performance Bearings
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Timken is a leader in all bearing types, including standard anti-friction bearing configurations and advanced products such as housed units, integrated bearing assemblies, precision assemblies and FAA-approved aerospace bearings.

Timken High Performance Bearings

AquaSpexx® Trailer Wheel Bearing Kits

These kits include all the components in Timken's standard trailer kits – seal cotter pin and grease – but feature special corrosion-resistant Timken® AquaSpexx® bearings. These bearings have a special coating that makes them resistant to rust corrosion, making them perfect for boat trailers and other applications where water and moisture are a problem.

Timken Wear Resistant Bearing DetailAquaSpexx® for Industrial Applications

Timken® AquaSpexx® bearings combat bearing damage caused by water ingress and water-based corrosion utilizing a proprietary zinc alloy coating to protect raceways and other functional surfaces. This unique coating originally was developed by the aerospace industry to protect critical aircraft components. Recognizing the success of this coating, Timken patented the basic process to coat the bearings.

DuraSpexx® and DuraSpexx® Power Rating Series

To withstand the tough operating conditions found in many industrial applications, Timken offers two product lines that help improve bearing life in intense environments: DuraSpexx® and the DuraSpexx® Power Rating Series.

  • DuraSpexx bearings are modified designs that offer enhancements to improve bearing life in demanding applications with harsh environments. Timken engineers use sophisticated, application-focused computer programs to help you model Timken's operating environment and recommend specially-designed bearings that yield longer life.
  • Timken's DuraSpexx Power Rating Series consists of defined part numbers – tapered single (TS), tapered double outer (TDO) and tapered thrust heavy duty (TTHD) bearings – that have standard lead times. This series leverages Timken's technical capabilities for a 23 percent bearing rating increase and up to a 100 percent bearing life increase.
Timken Thin Dense Chrome BearingsThin Dense Chrome Bearings

Timken's Thin Dense Chrome bearings are specifically designed to provide increased performance in harsh corrosion environments. Like AquaSpexx®, TDC bearings are proven to prevent rust and etching beyond that of standard bearings.

Debris Resistant Bearings

In many cases, standard Timken® bearings can provide superior performance by minimizing the impact of debris in a given system. In fact, in controlled lab tests under identical debris conditions, Timken standard Timken Wear Resistant Groupbearings consistently equaled or outperformed bearings from several major competitors. However, in cases where significant debris problems exist, Timken offers an advanced level of protection and performance – Timken Debris Resistant Bearings – in a wide variety of sizes, bearing types and quantities. These bearings can extend bearing life by up to three times in more severe debris and thin film environment.

Wear-Resistant Bearings

Wear-resistant bearings for wind-energy applications are designed to reduce life-limiting wear problems including micropitting on main shaft spherical roller bearings and micropitting, smearing and brittle flaking on wind turbine gearbox bearings. Wear-resistant bearings also provide up to 3.5 times greater L10 life for main-shaft and gearbox bearings.

Low Torque Bearings

From improved fuel economy to reduced weight, noise and temperature, Timken’s low torque bearings offer many benefits, including reduced vibration, which results in noise reduction. In addition, these designs feature a 10 to 15 percent weight reduction from traditional Timken® bearings.

Timken P 900 BearingP900 Bearings

Timken's P900 bearings use the concept of power density – increasing the bearing capacity-to-weight ratio – to provide customers with a lighter, more fuel-efficient solution for industrial and automotive axle designs. In most high-load applications, P900 bearings perform more than 50 percent better than traditional bearings, cost-effectively improving Timken's product’s performance and efficiency. They also have helped customers increase load-carrying capacity in a variety of applications.

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