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Timken Seals

Timken Seals
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Timken products help keep vehicles and equipment running at the highest level of performance. Timken produces a wide range of bearings and value-added extras, like their extensive line of innovative, cost-effective sealing solutions for automotive and industrial original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket.

Timken Automotive Seals

Light Duty Seals

Timken offers a broad line of light-duty oil seals. Oil seals - often called grease, fluid or dirt seals - are vital components in practically every type of vehicle in operation. Most Timken seals have the following properties:

  • Timken Heavy Duty Automobile SealMachined rubber sealing edge provides greater accuracy and consistency, as well as a better sealing surface.
  • A flanged design allows for easier and proper installation and helps avoid cocking.
  • A latex bore coat seals the outer diameter leak path and helps compensate for minor bore imperfections.
  • An extra dust lip helps keep harmful contaminants, such as dirt, out of the bearing and protects against rust and corrosion.
Heavy Duty Seals

Timken's heavy-duty oil seals are designed to last and allow for less than perfect operating conditions. Timken's seals include rubber ribs that cover the entire axle shoulder, sealing around grooves and nicks. The seal's running surface is also even and flexible, allowing the seal to move from side to side when needed.

Harmonic Balancer Sleeves

Harmonic Balancer Sleeve technology restores worn yokes and shafts, giving them new life. Harmonic Balancer Sleeves are hard, wear-resistant and ultra low friction, setting new standards for trouble-free sleeving.

Timken Redi SealsO-Ring Seals

Available in inch and metric sizes, Timken's line of O-Ring Seals have the coverage you need for the most popular automotive O-Ring applications.

Automotive V-Seals

V-Seals can be used on an eccentric or slightly misaligned shaft. Made entirely of rubber, V-Seals are extremely easy to mount and can be slipped over the shaft and mounted against the counterface. Desirable for retrofitting, V-Seals can be stretched over a flange during assembly.

Timken Industrial Seals

Industrial customers turn to Timken for complete friction management solutions. Timken offers an extensive line of industrial sealing solutions, available exclusively through authorized Timken industrial distributors and select original equipment manufacturers in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Timken® Small-Bore Industrial Seals (Zero- to 13-inch):
  • Timken Eco Turn SealsOil and Grease Seals
  • O-Ring Seal Kits
  • Installation Tools
  • Redi-Seals® 
  • Redi-Sleeves®
  • Seal Specification Checklist
  • V-Seals™
  • Wear Sleeves
  • Zero Duplication™ Program
High-Performance Industrial Seals and Bearing Isolators
  • Large-Bore Oil Seals
  • Excluder Seals
  • Non-Contact Bearing Isolators (Metallic and Non-Metallic)
  • Non-Metallic Bearing Isolators for Electric Motors

Timken Rail Seals

From the creator of the industry-leading AP™ and AP-2™ bearings comes a complete line of seals devoted to contamination prevention in rail applications. Timken’s offering includes:

  • Timken V SealTimken Ecoturn™ Seal — This labyrinth seal features a revolutionary design that eliminates all seal torque, resulting in less frictional forces. EcoTurn™ also contributes to better fuel economy and reduced emissions.
  • HDL™ Seal — The HDL™ seal features a close-clearance design that contributes to lower torque, operating temperatures and fuel consumption than other lip-type seals.
  • NT™ Seal — This two-lip seal provides lower torque and lower operating costs than other designs. It offers enhanced protection from water ingress during bearing operation.
  • Axle-Save Seal Wear Ring™ — This solution is a lower-cost alternative to the HDL™ seal but still features a design that reduces the rate of fretting wear. The Axle-Saver is ideal for rail operators who are losing axles for grooving and replating.

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